Traditional Jewellery, Lies and Connections:

There lies and integral connection between India and its famous traditional jewellery. In fact, the connection is so deep that a woman in Indian considers her make up incomplete without adorning some jewelry which add luster to her personality.
Whether it’s wedding season or any other festive occasion, a women can be seen sparkling with jewellery.
However modern we have grown with time the craze for traditional Indian jewellery has remained the same with its demand increasing, due its affordability. To meet the demand of people here also we have this website that offers you a range of traditional handmade Indian jewellery with variety of handworkers.

Introducing Pure Handloom Banarasi Silk Jewellery:

Here we have come up to offer you the handmade pure handloom Banarasi Silk Jewellery???
Yes, you have read it rightly = Handmade Pure Handloom Banarasi Silk Jewelry!

This is the latest trend and probably we would be the first to give you the preview of the collection on our website.
This include the neckpiece and earrings combo that are made from pure handloom Banarasi silk material totally handmade. The artisans have used all their imaginations in making the various shapes of his excellence in creating them.
So, you can say, is a collection and jewelry made very differently to make you look very different amongst all.
Handmade jewelry is literally which has been assembled and formed by hand of the maker or artisan than through the use of machines.
The maker takes up all pieces that may be soldered, sewed, carved, and shaped without any manufacturing machines.

Pure Handloom Banarasi Silk Jewelry – Designs/Patterns We Offer:

We have introduced a special, exclusive and unique may be one of the first in market collection (in North America) of totally handmade jewelry that is made up from Pure Banarasi Silk fabric.
The collection includes:
- Choker style necklace in squares shaped in a beautiful manner.
- Other styles have floral designs where the fabric material strips have been cut and weaved/adjusted in a rosy pattern.
- Also you can find one that is in a coined/rounded buttoned shape making it look elegant and unique.
This necklace and earrings set has an adjustable string that is to be tied behind and you have a flexibility to adjust it back and forth according to your choice of convenience.
The whole collection has various shapes which will definitely attract you to own it and style yourself in any wedding or pre/wedding functions, cocktail party or simply a birthday party or any casual events.

What goes well with Handloom Banarasi Silk Jewellery?

Since the idea of pure handloom Banarasi silk handmade jewellery is a new concept all together we have taken this initiative to introduce you to the elegant looking jewelry piece and there is more to add a cherry on the cake. You can wear this jewelry not only to get that traditional Indian look but at the same time these art pieces will go equally well with western wear or formals Mix and match your casuals, formals/western or traditional outfits with this to be in thing trend of tomorrow to stand out apart from others and get number of compliments added to your list.

Floral Designs

Handmade Handloom Banarasi Silk Jewellery - Where to Buy Online (in North America):

This exclusive, elegant unique and charming neckpieces with matching earring collection is available online on our website WWW.BENARASBOUTIQUE.COM at the most affordable rates and with genuine quality. Browse our collection online or book video appointment today.

Coined/Rounded Buttoned Shape

We hope this blog helps you to understand and know all about Handmade Pure Handloom Banarai Silk Fabric Jewellery, their elegance, design and technique. Visit our online store for your next purchase of Banarasi Silk Handloom handmade jewellery to stand out uniquely and effortlessly in the crowd.