I had a pleasure of getting acquainted with Benaras Weavers beautiful collection up close. The style and the material is genuine. They have unique designs. Kamana’s patience and talent is commendable. Must visit online or in person to appreciate their products. All the very best 😘🤗     

                                                                   - Vijju Gaggar Sinha

Benares Boutique’s outfits have been outstanding with its uniqueness and hand picked collections. A showcase of the ethnic, and fusion attire with a variety of accessories in past several events has proved its identity of classic fashion and authenticity. Appreciate all your efforts, and thoughtfulness and looking forward to many more successful events. Wishing you all the success in your endeavor! ❤️❤️     

                                                                            - Bhavika Bajaj

Because of you , I know what’s trending in India . Your fashion shows are amazing . Excellent and elegant color and styles ❤️❤️     

                                                                - Su-Mi Subramanian

 I really like Benaras Boutique’s dress collection! Quiet authentic high quality fabric, and the dresses are fusion of modern and traditional styles. In addition to all this, love the genuineness with which you both do the business. Thank you for all you both do!!!!

                                                                       - Nijika Srivastava

Love all of your unique collections 
It is unbelievable we have something like the Banaras Boutique here in Greenville 
Your fashion shows are amazing.

                                                                                     - Ila Patel






Greenville, SC

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